I had a terrible childhood. and this was one of my memories...

When I was very young, I had no dad and my mom was always at work so she can feed us, Finally decided to work to a 1st world country to make a lot of money. She sent me to my Uncle's house where I would meet my Auntie's niece from another family.

Long story short, I have found out what s** is from all the pornsites by age of 7 because I had an older cousin who I would m********* with.
And that niece from another family was then 8 when I was 10, We would always play and one day my Uncle told us to sleep and do nothing so we slept together, I got h**** but I couldn't use the PC too so I decided to touch and touch her and she was just smiling at me so I touched her v*****... She knew what was up I think because she first told me that "This is bad"... I feel so guilty saying this and now that we're grown up we doesn't talk much anymore as if things were still awkward between us.
We did oral-play several times when we were so young so that would explain it.

Apr 8, 2021

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