I let a total stranger f*** me

I let a total stranger f*** me yesterday behind an old falling down shed at a public auction, I think my buddy knows what happened.

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  • I lost my virginity to a stranger one day while walking my dog through woods


  • morals? who ever said gay s** with a stranger is immoral has no idea tho they are to define other peoples morals!

    Here's my question: Was it good?(s** with a stranger seems almost like it would be better then with someone you know because you dont know them)

  • Where did our morals go? Like getting f***** by a total stranger is the same as just being out and stopping for a burger. Man, our children are cursed.

  • We all have our 'man that was really f****** stupid' moments. If this is a true friend, they won't care that much. You may get a safety first talk, but if its a good friend it wont matter to them.

  • You're putting yourself and others at risk with this behavior. C'mon, man. Be safe!

  • F*#$ Gays

  • this is not the place for gay jokes. get a life commenter....

    and for the original poster. Damn, that sucks. Mostly because you has s** with someone you dont even know, and second, that your friend saw you and might "out" you before you're ready to tell

  • 6th post: Dude that's not even funny. If you're going to be an a****** learn how to spell right. HAHAHA OMG IT'S A GAY PERSON LET'S ALL LAUGH AND POINT ~*&@*!&394. F****** retarded mother f*****.

  • whats a famer, is that some sort of relation of yours?

  • what do fagets have in common with famers ? They both get s*** on thier rubbers!!!!!

  • yes it was a guy on guy thing, he was a stranger, he kept watching me, then he asked me to go behind the shed with him, and I let him s**** me, and he did use a condom.

  • Well are you gay because the second commenter has a point. You did say the stranger did you. So did you let a guy do you. Either way I hope you were safe? Atleast be safe if you are going to be loose.


  • Yes I'm a guy.

  • My guess is that you're a woman because more often than not the one doing the f***ing is the guy and the one who says "let f*** me" is the girl. I think it has to do with who does more movement.

  • are you a dude or a chick? sad but true, there's a double standard. Guys rock for that kinda s***, but girls get called a s***. I'm guessing because you said "buddy" your a guy, but just wondering.

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