Am i gay?

When i am j**********, i enjoy inserting objects in my ass. Is that normal?

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  • no, this is quite have g spots in their a**** so its perfectly natural to get pleasure from doing this. as long as you aren't hurting yourself you should be fine

  • It's actually referred to as the P-spot

  • yea you f**

  • It may be gay/bi if you want a guy in you or want a guy to do stuff to/with you.

    But that on its own isn't gay.
    It's `kinky` or a `fetish`, but lots of guys do a*** play. Some by themselves, some with women, some with guys.

    And most straight guys would never admit to doing it anyway, because most people would say it is gay.

    You will know if you have feelings for guys; just like you know what other things you want to do sexually.

    The most important thing is to be true to what you believe in. No matter how you live your life, you will encounter intolerance at some stage, so the best thing is to just be brave and honest with yourself.

  • These guys are ignorant morons. Nothing wrong with it. My wife loves r****** me and stimulating my prostate with a finger. These morons will cream themselves in a couple of seconds if they should experience it.

  • "Stimulating my prostate"? I think you have the gay virus too. Does your wife use a strap-on on you? I think she needs a real man.

  • when u say wife u really mean the guy u met at taco bell(queers like burritos)and when u say finger u really mean his d***

  • I'm working my wife up to a strap-on, but right now I don't think she'd say no. There's no rush.

    No, we don't have Taco Bell here (thank God).

    How does having my wife play with and even f*** my ass equate to me being gay? You're a stupid, ignorant, American red-neck fuctard.

    Experimenting with my wife sexually doesn't make me gay, it merely makes us both open-minded to new experiences. And of course I'm getting more and better quality s** you can even wrap your pathetically closed mind around.

  • It's totally normal if you're a gay.
    Other symptoms of having the gay virus include imagining that the object you are using is a guy's n**, or a girl using a strap-on.
    Have you considered how you might have been infected? Perhaps you drank from the water fountain after a gay had been there, or maybe accidentally gave a b****** to someone.
    The only known cure is finding the original gay who gave you this problem, and quoting a verse from psalms to him.

  • also,they have a cure for aids,its called p****,s*** on ur d*** is not good.if u think u may be q**** s*** in ur hand and smell it,if that turns u on.go for it

  • Yea ur gay no doubt abut it bro

  • yup u r a filthy q****

  • nope....ur q**** go ahead and let him..u know who i mean

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