So Im 16 and I live next door to a girl that is 17 and in my grade well one afternoon I was home alone and was butt naked in my room j********** I didn't think that anyone would walk by or let alone look in my window so I just left my curtains open I was prolly 5-6 minutes into j********** and I heard a knock on my window I turned my head and looked and she was laughing and pointed at my d*** and made a small gesture she has pictures of me j********** and threatens to send them to people in our class if I don't do what she wants.

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  • You could set her up. Set up a camcorder to get video and audio of you talking to her. Get her to admit she has the photos and is blackmailing you. Now you have evidence. What can you do? Hmmm let me think.

  • Well, maybe telling on her would make you a "tattler". But to endure an entire school (and who knows who else) be in possession of photos of you with your face would probably be a small price to pay. Your don't do anything, but tell her she sands one photo to anyone, you call the cops. And anyone possessing and sending photos of minors (which you both are) is considered child p**********. So call her bluff. She'll be in more trouble then she would/could ever imagine. Not to mention your school probably has a 0% tolerance for bullying. P.S. She can say she'll "delete" photos all she wants, but nothing is ever truly deleted.

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