Can't tell my boyfriend about my past

I've got quite a few dirty secrets. I was suicidal in high school, and once tried to kill myself. I had to take medication, but really hated it and it's the reason I don't like taking pills now. My self confidence got a little better, but I dated a guy that shot it all to h***. We had s** way younger and earlier than I was comfortable with. He lied and cheated on me. When I broke up with him, he essentially stalked me. The problem is, I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now and I don't know how or even if I should tell him.

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  • Do you really need to tell him? Would it make a real difference? We guys usually don't take the past very well. Think twice before doing it. If you're fine now I would suggest not to say anything. Live in the present and leave the past behind. :)

  • If he truely loves and cares for you he'under stand

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