A Girl's Gotta Be Smart With Pervs $$$

My stepfather is a perv who has been wanted my hot 18 year old bod for some time. So I decided to give it up with a price tag. I gave him some six months ago and secretly filmed it. Then I told him I'd tell my mother he took advantage of me and show her the evidence unless he paid me a decent monthly allowance. He's rich. He can afford it. Now I get $3,000 a month hush money. Life is good when a girl is smart with pervs, and it's sooo good being me.

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  • So you are a prostitute AND a blackmailer?

    If you can live with that then you are the perv, not him.

  • Bravo! You're my hero!



  • Right on grrl! Take that to the bank and keep on rollin. He's gettin his due for f****** your good s***. I don't blame you one bit

  • My stepdaughter tryed that too but i got dvd and showed her boyfriend ! Now he likes watching us doing it.

  • You're not smart. It's called blackmailing, extortion and prostitution. All illegal. You are a criminal.

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