Older men vs. younger men

Im 21years old and i have a boyfriend whom i love, but sexually he can’t act serious during s**, and it is a total turn off for me. Its like he can’t focus; and iv’e told him about this problem but i dont see it getting any better. Its a struggle just to have an o***** with him, if i am lucky enough to even have one. I am on an anti depressant though, so i know that can mess up my ability to o*****, but when i watch p*** i have no problem its just with him.
And im confused about what exactly im attracted to. I find young guys my age hot and more heart throbbing, but sexually i find older men more of a turn on.

im confused, and i want to explore other men, but im scared that if i break up with my bf ill be loosing a great man, and ill be alone. :( HELP

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  • This is true the experience of an older man is far more superior then that of an inexperience young man in technique as well as conseration, most mature men seek to please and satisfy their partners as well as their own pleasure while the young man is more likely to be more concerned with attaining his own pleasure as fast as he can while neglecting to consider the fact that his partner may take a little longer to becamoe aroused, you really should consider giving a mature man a chance...

  • You do need the experience of an older man. We can show you how to c** and make it mind-blowing. I know how touch you, to work my c*** inside you, lick your p**** properly and take you places you've never been sexually.

    Yes, you want to be with that younger guy and you should but you need to be shown how good s** can be then teach him how to do it properly. He'll be better off for it and you will have had some rocking times.

  • you're only 21, please, don't be worried about winding up alone. there are plenty of fish in the sea and lots of life ahead of you. you might lose a great guy but trust me, there are MANY others out there :)

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