This will be the first time I have ever admitted this to anyone but I figure it needs to come out. I have a serious addiction to p*** and masturbation. I can’t help but always think about p*** and jerking off. I have jerked off at work, at school, almost anywhere I can and it’s a daily ritual. Even while reading some of these confessions especially the ones about cuckolding (which is something I have begged my wife to do) I was getting h****. The biggest problem is that it wrecked my first marriage and it’s damaging my current marriage. I know this but yet I can’t stop masturbating.

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  • Get a w**** and take out the heat

  • Let’s talk, I got the same issue..

  • I emailed you

  • Do you want me to send you a photo of my wife's hairy p****

  • Let's talk and yes

  • It's not a problem until you j****** so much that you no longer get hard. Keep slapping your monkey until then.

  • Do what I do..take V*****. My GF gives me what I want and whenever I want. She is amazing, but I still j******* and I'm 60. I break a 100 mg Zambian I into 5ths and turn on Pkrn and have a great hour by myself

  • He’s right, I jerked so much, that I have a difficult time maintaining a hard errection

  • Do you want me to talk to you wife while you secretly w*** off?

  • You female????

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