To swing or not to swing

I have been with the love of my life four years. Admittedly, our s** got a bit bland until recently. I think he finally got tired of it and started some new stuff. That was a few months ago, I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
Last week he mentioned swinging. That he would love to see me with another man. I was a little freaked out at first but now when we talk about it, it only ignites the night more.
Considering walking down this path with him excites me...

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  • Go for it, babe. It can be very exciting sharing your s** with someone else. As long as you're both emotionally capable of handling it you could be in store for some hot times.

    I have been f****** my friend's wife for more than a year. He loves what I do to her. He is more interested in watching me do his wife than he is in f****** my wife. My wife feels she got the short end of the stick (so to speak) and wants to find another couple but it turns me on f****** the s*** out of his wife while he watches.

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