No satisfaction

I'm a 30 year old woman who is never satisfied no matter how many times a day I have s**. I've never dated anyone for more than a few months because they get sick of me wanting s** all the time. I feel like such a freak.

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  • I was the same until I let my 15-year-old son ram his rod up me. Now I can't get enough of it.

  • If I read that and have this overwhelming desire to lick and f*** you to the point of exhaustion, then start all over again do we suffer from the same problem?

  • You should find someone who shares your desires.. or just learn to get a hold of your f****** self.

  • I'd talk to a psychologist or a s** counselor if it's causing distress or real day time problems.

  • Yeah, blah blah blah about all what the other poster wrote to you OP .... but you MIGHT be a s** ADDICT too... and need help. Google about sexual addiction before you take this other joker's advice.

  • There will be people who will tell you that you are "suffering" from nymphomania, as though it were a disease. The definition, in fact, says it is excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire in the female, and the word comes from the Greek "nymphe" (bride) and "mania" (madness). On the contrary, you aren't sick, you aren't crazy, and you aren't feeling (or doing) anything wrong.

    You should simply come to the realization and accept the absolute fact that there are women in the world who cannot possibly be satisfied by one man: these women -- and you, clearly, are among them -- simply MUST have (yes, this is a physical need) multiple men. Not necessarily at one time (you can do this without becoming a regular gang banger), but having several intense physical relationships going on at the same time.

    Find yourself a man who loves you and is open-minded, and who recognizes three indisputable and immutable facts: (1) you must have multiple s** partners to be happy and complete; (2) he alone can't satisfy you: not now, not ever; and (3) your relationships with other men will make your relationship with him much better, because he will be with a woman who's satisfied and pleased. And then marry him. And then f*** every man you can find who lights you up. Your husband may be hurt, especially if his friends and third parties find out that you play, but his knowing that you're happy will more than make up for that small embarrassment. You deserve this. Totally. Because you are one of those rare, rare, wonderful women.

    Happy Hunting!

  • This is beautifully stated. If my wife needed multiple partners I would be totally ok with it.

  • Hey dumbass. Maybe she doesn't want to have multiple partners, maybe she just wants one.

  • And maybe you can't read. She doesn't say she wants a man. She says she wants s**.

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