I dont have friends

I am 13 and i am autistic which means it is difficult to make friends and no one hangs out with me so basically i dont have proper friends.
I really want a proper friend let alone girlfriend.
Well thanks for reading my confession.

Feb 6, 2012

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  • I feel for both of you.

    To the autistic person: I wonder if there are any support services for your condition that could help you make friends. For example. a support group of kids in the same situation that met once a week and made friends among themselves as well as sharing ideas/ways to make friends outside the group. Such activities could even lead to a girlfriend. I've seen people have great success with these kinds of groups.

    Sometimes, too, if you have a common interest with others you can make friends by participating in activities related to that interest. Or, you can join a group participating in activities you are interested in. You could even do this online, but you have to be careful with people online. They are not always who they claim to be, and some have bad intentions.

    Shyness can be challenging. You have to force yourself to attempt to make friends, or to go places where you are likely to meet friends. Shyness can be overcome. As I grew older I grew out of it. When I learned public speaking I totally lost it as far as talking to and in front of people. You could probably research ways to overcome shyness if you did some searches about these ways on the Internet. To learn to overcome shyness is a great boon for a person, and it's doable.

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