I don't know how to sum it up

I am fairly an unattractive person, and none of my crushes, flings ever worked out. I am in university with little to no friends, and I do everything alone. It feels really lonely, I have tried starving myself to lose weight, and getting a proper wardrobe to look better is something I can't afford. I have really like this guy in my class for a long time, he seems gentle with everyone, but he ignores me or looks away when I happen to come face to face with him in school. It really hurts me. I don't know how to stop all this to bother me.

May 27

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  • Lesson to all straight females out there: very few of you are actually too ugly for straight males. This is not to be altruistic; just honest. I guarantee you that someone wants to f you, but you just can't notice it because of your self dislike. Most hetero men are freaks with really low physical standards. We just talk a good game. Take **, for example. Big ** are great, but all ** are great when actually faced with them. Just be a "cool chick" and you'll find the ** you're looking for.

  • I feel you, i am in a similar situation. Having said that no weight problem here or not at all bad when it comes to my looks. Why am I still single?

    Truth is people might say things about inside beauty but they still want a good looking partner as per their T&C.

    They are not wrong at all. I would say practice detachment. Just accept what life has given you. No expectations from anyone. Our past karma decides many things and getting a partner is also one of them. Believe it or not.

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