I know, I'm pretty pathetic for a teenager.

I'm 19 years old and have not had a proper boyfriend.

I've never even held a guys hand let alone had s**. Throughout high school, I was severely bullied due to my appearance. All of my jobs, I've been around women or the men were far too old. In my current workplace, there is only one guy and he's married and...big, shall we say. I don't have alot of friends and the one I do have is pregnant. I went to a housewarming party a while back and had a few guys hit on me but they were high on some form of drug, I dunno what one, or incredibly drunk. The boyfriends I have had have cheated on me or used me to get closer to one of my friends.

I just wanna meet a guy and have a relationship. I'm getting desperate but I don't want to just walk up to a guy and ask him out without knowing much about him.

Apr 19, 2012

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  • Gosh,I didn't start dating,until I was 22.I concentrated on my studies first and after I achieved my educational aspirations,I decided to date.
    Now I'm in a loving relationship,
    of seven and half years.I'm glad I waited and didn't conform,to peer pressure.

    My advice,date for the right reasons.Don't ever conform to peer pressure and superficial idealisms,from what maybe going on,within your social environment.
    Start dating on your terms and when your; heart and mind- is ready.
    Please don't put,unnecessary and superficial pressure on yourself,to conform,to what the society you inhabit deems normal/abnormal.

    Be you and enjoy life :)

    One love and respect x

  • Some people are fuckups and shes one

  • 2 words. Online Dating! But seriously, you're young so have fun and don't take life too seriously. Save money, travel, see what's out there first. There are more to life than having a relationship. I'm in an awesome relationship right now. Just remember! Wait for the right guy that will sweep you out of your feet. Everyone has one, you just have to wait and be patient. GL!

  • You sound like a wonderful young lady. You are someone I would love to meet. Unfortunately I'm a bit older and I doubt you would be interested in me anyway. I'm just letting you know that there is no need to be desperate. You are certainly not patehtic. There is someone out there waiting to meet you. He will be lucky when he finds you.

  • i'm sorry to here that you're having a hard time getting a bf i wish i could help, you seem nice enough though i'm dedicated to a young woman in Wells GB

  • ur 19,be honest r u fat ?thats something u can change.if u dont want to loose weight then lower ur standards.beleive me honey u have a gash between ur legs that all men want

  • Unhelpful,derogatory,degrading and offensive to women!! You pig!

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