Im scared

I always think that my mum and dad are going to ask me if ive touched my little sister even though i havent! im just scared incase they really think i have when i really wud never do nothink like that .im going through puberty an i think that im gunna touch her at some point but i really wudnt is it normal to think this when your going through puberty or think thatt your gunna be gay? plz can some 1 help!

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  • Trick your momma into bedroom take your clothes off tell her to have s** with you or youl do it with your little sister. she might let you do it with your little sister.

  • Well how old are u n her it is ok for what u think i do think that way take get one of her panties m********* with them

  • You are such a f****** idiot !!!!!!!!!
    It is NOT ok to think about molesting a sister!

  • ur the idiot, bcuz believe it or not, it might not be necessarily MOLESTING, maybe just EXPERIMENTING, and they might BOTH be in on it, u r*****.

  • Find an activity that takes your mind off your sister and has a side benefit of improving your future. Also, try grammar and spell check..

  • Thank you I'm 12and my sister is4 ino I just don't like thinking about it

  • last part= LOL

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