Hi im 12 years old, and i had s** with my boyfriend, yeah i know it was wrong at my age, but i couldn't really control how i acted, anyway, i told my friend and she said that she was going to tell my mom, and now im really scared. What should i do? Im not going to do it agai. Untill im atleast 17...


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  • Just educate yourself about s**. Other than that, Enjoy!

  • Nah no be afraid of s** it's natural it's pleasure. People it's just stupid while thinking that it's taboo it isn't. Enjoy your s** honey just use protection that's all.

  • my gf did that at 12 and had to get an abortion, she has regrets an no im 14 shes 13 an i want to s**** her bad an ive fingered her and stuff and she doesn't want to so she wont get preagnant but damn, i wanna f*** her. how do i tell her? what do i do?

  • Who told you that it was wrong? s** is not wrong but a natrual exploritory desire for someone your age so don't hang a guilt trip on yourself as for your so called friend, I think you'ed be better off losing that person, it's clear that they are not someone you can trust in, which is a major triat of true frindship, if she tells your mom just be mature and honest with your mom tell her what you did and don't try to make excuses or blame others.

  • damn :( ditch that 'friend' of yours! if they do tell on you, the best thing you can do is be completely honest with your mum and not freak out about it. and to the last commenter on this confession; there is nothing 'wrong' with kids nowadays you a******.

  • you can always control yourself
    stop trying to make it seem like you didnt do anything wrong
    just because you hormones might have been flaring then you can always still say no
    f-ing dummy

  • not a very good friend

  • Your mom might go off at you, but it's due to her being scared. It won't last forever though if your so-called friend does tell.

  • dafaqs wrong with kids nowadays f***** r*****!!!!

  • hmmm, It sounds more like there is something wrong with you!

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