You will never know...

You will probably never know how in love I am with you.
You are part of the "popular" crowd, but I can tell you don't belong with those jerks. Your lunch table is next to mine, and whenever I look over there, you are never talking with them, just kind of... thinking.
The first time I noticed, really noticed, you was in gym one day. It was running day and I was in a horrible mood, and when I saw you, I don't know... something clicked. I looked at the name on your uniform and I recognized the name, but I had never actually seen you before. Later that day, I added you on facebook.
A few days later, my friend was talking about something funny you said. I lied kind of, and asked who you were. She said you were really nice and funny, and I trust my friend.
I didn't realize how right she was until when you and your friend were talking by the water fountain. I kind of went in front of you for a drink, and I guess your friend was about to take a drink because he started to call me out, but you told him it was fine. When I looked up you smiled.
The other day we made eye contact in the hallway, and I swear there was something there. Your eyes are such a beautiful blue. Whenever you are around I get butterflies in my stomach, and when you are near and of my friends lockers, I go over there.
I have no idea how to tell you how I feel, so I write this confession.

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  • A scenario exists where you lay a trap for him based on social conventions: You ask him out...

    and you definitely don't f*** him.

    Now, I know this is hard to hear because he sounds like a dreamboat but having recently been a high school interloper myself among my "popular" friends I claim THIS WILL WORK 100%.

    He'll probably say yes because A. he's a teenage boy who wants s** & B. you seem like a pretty hepcat.

    He probably won't say no because A. he's a teenage boy who WANTS S** & B. all his friends will tease him for being some kinda h***.

    Keep in mind they will tease him relentlessly regardless of his answer to you, about you, projecting their own insecurities. It ain't like they've got girls coming up asking THEM out for dates.

    This is where it gets tricky. Once he's said yes (or no, at which point you retreat with your head held high knowing you've still REALLY got all the power what with your v*****)...

    Anyway, once he's said yes to a date you have to try really really really hard not to let him put it inside you. I mean AT ALL. No blowies, no shoving it up the wazoo, no Russian inverted handstand doublebumps. Make out a little, maybe. Talk, definitely. Be honest. And WHATEVER you do, don't listen to me.

  • If you think you don't have a chance with this girl... YOU ARE WRONG. Trust me.

    I'm a 5'2" Asian guy going to high school in a school with about 400 people. They are 96% white. Maybe it's a small school and everyone gets along with each other but that isn't important.

    I get along with everyone and talk to a few girls. However these girls are really attractive and genuinely nice girls. All you need is confidence. However make sure you are clean and cut. Meaning take a shower, smell good, dress well, etc. It may be stuff that seems like no brainers but you will be surprised. Dressing and smelling good will get you that much more attention.

    You have the same chance as any other guy. Ou need to simply start talking to her. Make funny jokes. Not too creepy or sarcastic.

    Keep in mind you are just starting to talk to her. Dont creep her put that is hat people in general usually do. It isn't a sprint. Take your time.

    From the sounds of it you sound like a nice guy. However don't come off as just a friend. Look her in they eyes while you talk don't look around and at the ground. Be confident in yourself be yourself.


    She could be that girl!

    If you want more aside feel free to reply back. I will check this page if you need help.

  • Yeah, that would be great if I was a guy. But I'm a girl and this is about a guy...

  • Oh damn.. My bad.. Hahahaha I'm really sorry for that, but the person that wrote above me has a good advice! My apologies didn't mean to offend you.

  • Add a name to it - I think I know who you're talking about.

  • .....who do you think I am talking about!?
    First name. I don't trust you. obv

  • Josh.

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