yoOhs are all soO gayY yoOh"sS all

yoOhs are all soO gayY yoOh"sS all need toO get a phukiin liife mayYn seriiOuslyY !! Fiightiin and dOiin all thiis shiit !! what yoOh reallyy need tOO dO iis stOp cOnfessiin On thiis stupiid websiite cause all the advice yoOh wiil get frOm iit iis a biit Of laughter frOm everyy One that read"sS yoOhr cOnfessiiOns !! yoOh reallyY need toO phukiin grOw up and learn hOw tOo deal wiith thiing"sS and learn hOw toO talk toO sOmeOne abOut yoOhr prOblem"sS !!!
and jesse and megan phukiin sOrt yoOhr shiit Owt yoOh"sS are OnlyY liil kiids all thiis crap that everyYOne writie"sS On here iis soO full Of shiiet !! liike masturbatiing iin frOnt Of yoOhr siister mayYn aiint that phukiin siick !! iif yoOh wanna dO iit then gO ahead just phukiin dO iit when iit"sS apprOpriiate !!
phukiin diick"sS !!iif yoOh cant understand thiis well then ii phukiin guess that"sS yoOhr luck then ayYe !! phukiine leunatiic a******* !! talkiin bOut phukiin iimature thiing"sS On the phukiin net !! are yoOhs all that phukiin desparate !!

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  • ...oh. And it's "NINTH GRADE"... not "grade 9's". Nice try though.

    And I'm in college. (The big place that smart people go after High School). Nice try there too.

  • Ok. Can anyone else understand this foreign language? It looks like some ancient form of African, or maybe Swahili... It's extremely hard to decipher, but I finally figured it out, after months of research into the elusive language of Ebonics.

    First of all.. who is Mrs. Williams? We're all obviously terrified of someone we don't know...

    Second of all.. if you dislike the website so much, why spend three hours TyyPPiiIIInnnGGG LLYYYyyyKKKeee DDiiiSSSS? It's retarded. Don't ever presume to criticize others when you sound like a six year old r***** from the Bronx.

  • if de site is stupid,wat da f*** u goin abt?my advice to u is go lik ya dik,itl kip ya busy.

  • I love how this guy trashes conffessors, but he has time to make his message look like he wrote it with his 1/2'' c***. His parents must be dissapointed they didn't get an abortion.

  • I agree with the above commentor, this guy is a f***** and a serious loser

  • wRiitiing liiKee tHiis doessN'T MaKee Y00h LooK K00L. iit makess y00h lOoK ReTarDeD.

  • Hi this is megan, and just wanted to say yea I wish jesse would sort out his s***! And everyone else this site is pathetic! I don't even no why im on it

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