I seem to find myself surrounded by

I seem to find myself surrounded by people with very deliate egos more and more lately. I'm a very blunt, honest, person, although I manage to say what's on my mind with tact and maturity. But a lot of these people who are close to me are put off by the fact that when there's something wrong, I WANT to talk about it, or some of my more... Drastic, ideals then their own.

My confession is I'm getting ready to ditch some of these people, who have been good friends, but I don't feel I can be all of myself around them. Should I hold back just that little bit for the sake of friendship, or should I just ditch them?

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  • to the last comment, GET RID OF YOU< YOURE S***. to the confession grow up and learn to appreciate friends if theyre good friends. youre not anyones friend if you can even consider "ditching" someone who is your friend. i hope youre really young and still learning. PEACE

  • Get rid of them, they're s***.

  • i happen to be a person who is not so blunt. i grew up tiptoeing around people's feelings & still do. i've never been one to rock the boat. however, i'm reading a book called "Don't be Nice--Be Real" by Kerry Bryson and I'm learning that to be too nice is not so nice. I know that I probably annoy people with my too-sugary ways, but that is the only way i have known.

    Maybe it would be better to be gentle with these friends of yours because maybe, like me, they don't know any other way. However, if they can't accept you for who you are without continually getting their feelings hurt, i can see where it would get a little old & a parting of ways will probably eventually happen anyway

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