Finally It happened

Im 18 yo and I kissed a guy for the first time last night. It was a 24 yo guy at his apartment and he tried to have s** with me but I told him no. He did finger me and suck on my b**** though. Im just relieved I dont have to lie anymore about kissing guys to my friends. Ive lied to them alot about my sexual experiences due to the fact that Im the only virgin among my friends. Im contemplating having s** with this guy. I mean I want to but Ive been holding on to my virginity for so long I want it to be with someone I love. Idk is it even worth it?

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  • It's really no one's business but your own, who you've kissed or who you've slept with. You've waited this long, just wait until you meet a guy that you really like and know well. Don't just give it away to the first guy you kiss or meet. You're going to meet a really great guy, so just wait for it.

  • I'm sorry, but I feel that society puts this who "special" label on virginity likes it a big deal. 99% of the world f**** each other, so what does it matter when you do it or with who?

  • I do care and I'm sure many people care about this stuff. Doing it just because everybody does it, doesn't go against what you wrote on your first line?

  • 1st and 2nd should probably go see a psychiatrist.

    But comining from a guy.

    Don't give your virginity. If he wants s** and that is it, he most likely is only looking at for that nothing more. He is not looking to someone go stand by his side when the hard times are happening. The most he will tell you at that point is goodbye. That's real helpful.

    Trust mr there are plenty of guys out there who want to be your partner not for s** but for support as an equal. You just have to wait for him.

  • You want to give your cherry to some one special and that loves you, wants nothing but the best for you? Go give it to your Dad.

  • Okay that person above me is so sick, honey don't lisen to him, your virginaty is precious and a lot of girls & I bet all your friends regret loosing it because I sure do, I wish I would of saved it til I gott married -.- & honestly I'm jealous because u still held on to it for so long I'm 19yrs old & I was just like u when I was 16 all my friends were talking about there s** lives and how cool & how great it felt & how much they loved it, while I sat in the backround feeling left out bcus I didn't know what to say & I didn't want to look dumb or lame.. so I ended up loosing it to my 1st boyfriend, -.- Bigg regret bcus now everyguy who ever dates me asked me if I'm a virgen, & I say no and they ask me abt my s** life & now they just assume I'm easy & s** is completly different from love.. My advice from you is to drop that guy bcus he sounds like all he wants from u is s** & he doesn't care about u, he may seem nice & all but its all fake its a trick guys do to get in yr pants, drop him girl & save your innocents til u find a guy who respects u, who doesn't care abt s** bt cares about you & he does exixt u just have to wait

  • I love this posting! I'm a guy and I agree with what you say 100%. People want to think that we live in a world where men and women are equal, but the sad truth is that men are primitive creatures by nature and will always be. The problem is that girls fall for crappy arguments and peer pressure, and they end up in bed even when they're not really sure about it.

    Yes, we tend to think that you are easy once you have a sexual past. I'm sure there are guys who say they don't care, but just google "jealous of my wife's past" and you'll see how many men are dealing with this.

    I might sound like someone from centuries ago, but I really think women should think about these things before having s** just to experiment.

  • You want some perfect guy who does not exist...where is your brother...sounds sick, but he or another relative could help you past this milestone...even your dad...I f***** my sister on her 17th birthday cause she didnt want to be a virgin any was quick and i considered it a favor to her...

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