I want to lose my virginity and i'm 14

im head over heels in love with this guy whos a grade younger and we both want 2 have s** without the baby part... and i don't really care if i get kicked out on the streets i'm in love! i will do anything for this guy! He said he wants s** to both types oral and regular

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  • Don't ruin you'r life hunny. I'm 36 And I had a child at 14 Don't risk it Wait til your ready

  • I’m 14 and personally if your comfortable you should do what right I lost my virginity at the age 14 as well and honestly I wish I waited for the right person

  • Yes do it. I’m 14 and I have s** all the time it’s so good just wear a condom

  • I've lost mine at 13 girl go get f***** in the p**** really hard 😉

  • Pls hu r u

  • The best thing to do babygirl is to wait. Believe me all he wants is to just get into your panties. Be smart and think about it.

  • DON'T
    I'm seventeen and still a virgin and its freaking FABULOUS.
    Don't be a s***, guys don't marry s****...

  • Guys like partners who look conservative on the surface, but are s**** in the bedroom.

  • Am a guy and 15 I wanna have s** but I don't want a emotional attachment I just wanna lose it
    What should I doc

  • Pay for it

  • I wanna have s** but I'm really scared helpp please don't know what to do!!!!

  • I lost my virginity to another guy at 14. Girl, please, its not a competition.

  • DONT HAVE S**! YOU"RE TOO YOUNG AND YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE WHAT LOVE IS!!! Infautation and Love are two completly different things sweetie.

  • Use a condom. And make him give oral first.

  • ^Knows nothing about s** except what movies his mom has made with everyone in the neighborhood.

  • do the oral first, then straight and then let him do you in your ass followed by a good fist f*** where he buts his whole hand into you p**** as far as he can

  • Yessssss😉😍

  • Dumbass fisting hurts like h*** dont tell her to that with that boy what a nasty perv

  • ^ LMAO Very good call, don't worry wait till they get in charge, this world is Dooooooooomed!

  • You're 14, you can barely form a sentence, can't drive a car, or get a job, have to be told when to go to bed and you think you're ready for the emotional and physical impact of s**. Great I'm gonna be stuck with paying for you to have an f-ing Baby. Why are kids between the ages of 14 and 25 so f****** moronic now-a-days.

  • F*** up yu d***! Im 14 im sure i can form a sentence, ive got a job and dont judge everyone at a young age to be slutty, as im not and not intrested untill i find love!

  • be careful, that's all i really have to say, really think about your feelings.

  • ^just STFU please. F*** you, you're not a guy.

  • ew.

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