I want to lose my virginity and i'm 14

im head over heels in love with this guy whos a grade younger and we both want 2 have s** without the baby part... and i don't really care if i get kicked out on the streets i'm in love! i will do anything for this guy! He said he wants s** to both types oral and regular



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  • OK well I'm 14 and In my opinion I wouldn't do it so early, I dont plan on doing it till I'm like 16, that's my opinion, cause we have years to do all this and if u do just start slow with like..well you know 🍆✊🏻

  • I want s** so bad honestly, if there is a girl that would wanna plz hmu

  • I’m 14 and I’m down

  • Ngl I’m 14 and I would...

  • Where are you located? how old are you? im interested

  • Where r u located?

  • Don't ruin you'r life hunny. I'm 36 And I had a child at 14 Don't risk it Wait til your ready

  • I’m 14 and personally if your comfortable you should do what right I lost my virginity at the age 14 as well and honestly I wish I waited for the right person

  • Yes do it. I’m 14 and I have s** all the time it’s so good just wear a condom

  • Where u at? Wanna link?

  • I've lost mine at 13 girl go get f***** in the p**** really hard 😉

  • Where u at? Cause I am down to f***

  • I wanna F*** u till u cry

  • Pls hu r u

  • The best thing to do babygirl is to wait. Believe me all he wants is to just get into your panties. Be smart and think about it.

  • DON'T
    I'm seventeen and still a virgin and its freaking FABULOUS.
    Don't be a s***, guys don't marry s****...

  • This is f****** disgusting what? Just because someone has had s** it means they are a s***? And who cares if a man doesn't want to marry her if she has s** a women's life doesn't revolve around a man.

  • Guys like partners who look conservative on the surface, but are s**** in the bedroom.

  • Am a guy and 15 I wanna have s** but I don't want a emotional attachment I just wanna lose it
    What should I doc

  • Pay for it

  • I wanna have s** but I'm really scared helpp please don't know what to do!!!!

  • I lost my virginity to another guy at 14. Girl, please, its not a competition.

  • DONT HAVE S**! YOU"RE TOO YOUNG AND YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE WHAT LOVE IS!!! Infautation and Love are two completly different things sweetie.

  • Use a condom. And make him give oral first.

  • ^Knows nothing about s** except what movies his mom has made with everyone in the neighborhood.

  • do the oral first, then straight and then let him do you in your ass followed by a good fist f*** where he buts his whole hand into you p**** as far as he can

  • Yessssss😉😍

  • Dumbass fisting hurts like h*** dont tell her to that with that boy what a nasty perv

  • ^ LMAO Very good call, don't worry wait till they get in charge, this world is Dooooooooomed!

  • You're 14, you can barely form a sentence, can't drive a car, or get a job, have to be told when to go to bed and you think you're ready for the emotional and physical impact of s**. Great I'm gonna be stuck with paying for you to have an f-ing Baby. Why are kids between the ages of 14 and 25 so f****** moronic now-a-days.

  • Also, as you can tell from the idiots below, they also think they know everything and are snotty about it. Hey stupid kids, live on your own for a few years with no help from Mommy and Daddy and without trading your body for food or rent (since your minds aren't going to be of any help to you), then get back to us grownups on how that works out for you. How's that sound, Britney?

    And for the record, most recent poster? When stupid little kids like you make babies you can't raise, it *does* affect others. They have to put up with your untrained spawn wrecking everything around it and screaming constantly while you tap away on your phone wh0ring yourself out on Instagram for likes. Then you go around waving your baby in people's faces, whining for free $hit because "I Have A CHILD." So yeah, what spills out from between your legs affects others. Stow the attitude, learn to effing spell, and don't shove your inevitable fvck trophy at me because I'll put the thing back where it came from no matter how old it is.

  • Lmao no one gets told when to go to bed, you can get a job at 14 n 14 year olds are either in their gsces or about to start them so its not really "moronic" Susan. Also why the f*** would you have anything to do with the baby? Youre not her mum the baby don affect you

  • F*** up yu d***! Im 14 im sure i can form a sentence, ive got a job and dont judge everyone at a young age to be slutty, as im not and not intrested untill i find love!

  • be careful, that's all i really have to say, really think about your feelings.

  • ^just STFU please. F*** you, you're not a guy.

  • ew.

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