I know you're bad for me, but i can't break up with you

I know you're bad for me. you put me in a place in your life, and i can't infringe on your life beyond that.

you control the amount of time we spend together, and whether we meet up on any given day. and you know you have that control over me.

why do i put up with it? i have no idea. sometimes i think it's because i love you, but now i think it's because i'm addicted to you. you're like a drug to me ... i know you're bad for me, but i can't quit.

sometimes i think you like me so much, and other times i think you don't care at all.

why don't you just break up with me and force me to separate from you like i know i should?

Feb 19, 2012

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  • Whatever happens, it'll be okay in the end. You have to decide what is best for YOU, and if you break up, it'll suck, but it might be the best thing in the long run. Relationships shouldn't hurt.

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