What should I do?

I really like this guy. We don't really talk but he is cute, sporty, and he have the most remarkable smile! The only odd part of this whole situation I am dealing with is that .....his best friend is the guy I text the most. I dont have the feelings for him and never will. He thinks or "knows" I likes his friend. I really wish I could get this over with and tell him I do like this friend! My friend did this live test on this computer app and it says that me and "him" ( the guy I really like) would be a good couple and and so does 3 other people do. There is this girl who is sorta my friend and every time I talk about this guy (she doesn't know I like him) she says "I know for sure he doesn't like YOU" I have a pretty good feeling she likes him....but what should I do? Tell him I like him? ( if so ..when?) Ask him out? (when) and should I get more info on this "friend" of mine who always put me down?

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