Possible park perv

Today I was at the park with my 5 yo old daughter. I noticed this older fat guy sitting by himself. What was weird was he was constantly watching these boys play. They were all from about 10-15 years old. Never moved and never talked to anyone. It really creeped me out so I called the cops and explained what I saw. About ten minutes later a cop shows up and right away she talks to him and asks him questions. I wasn't close enough to hear what was being said but eventually he called out a boys name and he came over. Apparently it was his son. While the cop was questioning him everyone in the park was watching. I looked out in the parking lot and there were 3 cop cars and they were all standing around talking. I kind of felt bad for the guy, but what if I was right and he was a perv?

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  • Love going to the beach I can't believe how many parents strip their kids nkd and let them run a round, lovely bald, puffy toddler p**** in full view, love to get one alone

  • Sounds like a case of mind your own fkng business...For all you knew, maybe he thought the same about you..Who''s this nosy a****** watching ME?

  • Why is everybody so freaking scared nowadays? Stop watching mainstream news.

  • Stop being so f****** nosy....even if he was a perv, you would never know. What a stupid b**** you are, you almost ruined this guy's life!

  • Agreed! What a horrible person to almost ruin this guy's life.

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