I want her and I dont know why

Ive been in a relationship for nearly two years and just on a year ago i cheated on my girlfriend with someone from school. It was only a kiss and it was kept quiet for months. Eventually my girlfriend found out and wasn't happy but we got through it in the end. She hated the girl for it and then i started to. I wondered why i did it she was no way anything on my girlfriend. I have been horrible to her at school ever since but in the back of my mind i just want her. She annoys me like h***, I literally cant stand her voice and shes not even that attractive but i still want her and i have no clue why. I love my girlfriend but still i think of this girl when i have s** with my girlfriend sometimes! Im so f***** up i dont get why i think this. Like right now i just wanna text the girl and tell her all my desires. She literally lives a five minute walk away and i wanna just go there and have her. Im just uncontrollably attracted to her for no reason i really shouldn't be but i want her and dont know what to do.

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  • dump her

  • It's normal to have thoughts about another person while in a relationship, but when it gets to be all you think about, then you have an issue. You should be honest with your girlfriend, about this other girl, and determine whether this relationship is still something you want or not.

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