I hate the manager

Well, its not technically my manager but a woman who works on the same level as him. she is a complete b**** and we have had some run ins. she swears at staff, is rude andc gets away with it. finally there was Onex event, I won't bore you with the details, which pushed me too far.

I have to work saturdays every store often and she doesn't. so, when its quiet, I pee in her coffee jar. its one occurred those with a plunger. I per in it and push the plunges down then pour out the pee. because the coffee sell is so strong she can't tell and drinks happily from it. this has been going on a while.now and every time I feel bad and think of stopping, she becomes a b**** again and I decide against it.

I know its wrong, but I get such a satisfaction seeing her drink it!

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  • I hope meghan markle and dumbum royals have to go eat dirt after all this buzzing year of shoving it down our neck with their kids a**** up in the air and c**** weddings that make you want to puke over them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFYDbPdQ9y8 I hate that old mean queen she doesn't care about people and what a towfaced lot, she is putting us all in h*** and she should be put in the h*** we have lived due to her and go and punch them all on their weddings and parades. i wish someone would puke over them. I hope someone p****** on every one of your parades. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCqMuM7jh2o. she knows she is on the way out. how many weddings can a niggar want in a decade meghan? I mean really, 1 annullment, several lovers like a w**** since school and a new husband every 3 years! and she is so innocent and unspoiled, right, sure. harrys daddy c** time with his w**** poster nude bride. yeh. koostarkass can now marry andrew and they can all do p*** then. i wish they knew limpy and lonely like the rest of us, and poverty and illness. it wouldn't hurt them to go ignored.

  • At one time I worked for a Royal B****, one day we needed a file she had I looked on her desk and tables but no file, so i went into her drawers still no file but in the bottom one I found a d**** in the back of the drawer. Just as I walked out another person found the file in another office. But the next time I worked late and was completely alone I started going into her office, pulling out the d**** and shoving it up my backside, then returning it back, for her to use in her p**** with my a*** juice on it. I hope she sucks on it too.

  • I love it...but do be careful as to not get caught..oh and ummm I'd go with the cream thing or even pieces of feces (human and animal)..I'm getting a b**** just thinking of the satisfaction id get from this..

  • she's p****** me off this week already. I'm working this saturday too, so you know what's going to happen! I've thought about the 'cream' idea but don't want to give her the good stuff!

  • I love it. People should watch how they treat others. Especially on the job when you're trapped with putting up with their bullshit. I say the b**** deserves it. Bravo !

  • Nawww. Stop that childish vindictive s*** and just bait the b**** into a harassment lawsuit that the company will have to fire her over. It should be easy enough to do. All you need is ONE winess and get her to call you something that "totally offends you" and in completely inappropriate. Then threaten to go get a lawyer and sue the company for not making your workplace free of strife. Should be the end of the b****!

  • you should add some "cream" to it next time.

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