I lived in a world filled with lies

People tend to say that I'm pretty just because I'm slender. But I've always heard from my relatives that I'm not that pretty, and I do know it because my sister keeps teasing me on my ugly features. Just yesterday, I faced the truth. My grandmother just told me in the face that I've changed allot, but my sister is still prettier than me. This was always true since I was young. My brother is very muched adored for being the only son and my sister is pretty. Plus, their academic results are way beyond excellent. Me? I'm nothing. None of them have ever met me because all the sweet memories they had with my late father and my siblings never happened with me. I try to stay strong but every time I try my best in everything, my mom would always claim tha my siblings did better. Each time I try to turn to the bright side but my heart hurts even more when I think of it. I'm no one in the family and nothing to others. I'm searching for a world where I could live life my way, but the closest I could get would be someone really true to me and would see the beautiful side of me. Perhaps not a special someone at this age but a true friend out of all the so-called-friends which fill my friends list over a thousand. I've had no confidence in myself, even if I had it would be lesser than the number of fingers I have. I hate myself for being and thinking this way. I really do.


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  • You're not alone for I grew up hearing how my older brother was so much smarted and my younger sister was so pretty what happened to me? For 15 years I listened to this bull s*** never really having a steady BF like my sister did and come to find out she ended up getting pregnant at the age of 13 but she miss carried and it was never spoke of but grandma told me about it thanking me that I didn't follow in her foot steps and I told her I wasn't liked in our house and I wanted to run away and she told me well your brother is a momma's boy and your sister is daddies girl you were a mistake and your mom was going to abort her pregnancy with you cuz you wasn't planned. I came right out and told her if she did she wouldn't be a daughter of mine. And that's why she never comes over any more since you were born. If you run away you come over here and live with me and they wont know where you are from me.

  • you should just be a good little w****

  • shut the f*** up man, don call her a w****, this girl feels neglected and is in need of tlc, just go f*** yourself, dont worry about these jerks hun, as long as your happy with yourself who cares?

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