Stripper Girlfriend

My girlfriend works at an all nude strip club, and I want her to quit. The problem is it my fault she works there. I talked her into doing the clubs amateur night. I thought it would be cool to show her off. She ended up winning the contest, and the manager offered her a job. She took it without talking to me first. She didn't think I would care because I asked her to do the amateur night.

Believe it or not there are some positives with her working there.

1. I have never seen her happier, I have watched her dance, and she loves the attention she gets.
2. Guys tell her how hot she looks, and what a great body she has.
3. The money is insane!
4. Only works part-time

The negatives:

1. The lap dances are hands-on meaning the girls can be touched everywhere but their p******.(YES they do exist) My GF says she has gotten use to to giving lap dances, I guess I am the one with the problem.
2. The guys proposition the girls all the time, some of the girls do "date" their customers, and my GF has been offered a lot of money from some of the wealthy clientele, she as turned them down.
3. The bachelor parties require the girls to work on stage with other strippers, they will do some lezzy stuff, like kissing. My GF says she has gotten use to it. Again my problem.
4. Too much drinking at the club, afraid my GF will let her guard down, and go with one of rich clientele to a hotel. She gets real flirty when drinking.

I guess I might do something drastic, like cut a hole in the tip of the condoms we use, so I can try and knock her up. She isn't on birth control. Don't think the club will want a pregnant stripper.



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  • I can shed a little light on this. Agree with both the poster, and, those who say made his own bed and created this problem.

    Several years ago, I worked at an adult group home, mostly on the overnight shift. They hired a far too cute, sexy, and desirable younger woman for the same shift, and, we became friends, then, as overnights get boring by mid-shift, we started having s**. That became dating, and, maybe not in full, but at least somewhat of a bf-gf relationship.

    The job didn't pay enough, so, she admitted wanting to try a local strip club, at least for her night's off our shift. Said one of her friends made great money, and, asked me to go with her to talk to the owner one afternoon. We did, she decided to try it "for maybe two weeks". Part of me was excited, and part of me said..If I'm dating her, do I really want her on stage, either topless or in-full?

    By the end of her first month, she was hooked. Made nice amount of money, and quit the group home, but, we continued seeing each other. Then, though, I started to notice changes..She started dressing the part more often; Sexy, revealing clothing, caked-on makeup..Looked slutty most of the time. That's when I knew..She's INTO this now.. No turning back.

    I tried dealing with it as best as I could, but...Then they started doing these private events, golf club outings..All involving dancing naked and letting the high-end, big-money guys do as they pleased. Found out, too, that she'd "been" with more than one, so..I ended it.

    It's difficult to handle or control them once they're into that life. Yet, I was the one who originally encouraged her to try it, as knew she needed the money.

  • You should be happy that you have a woman who is attractive enough to work in the nude.
    It seldom stops at stripping though, she may want to start escorting, or appearing in p****.

  • reap what you sow, bro

  • Well u are the one with the problem I mean I work at strip clubs and I love it there

  • I know my GF loves dancing, when she is on stage it is like shes not even nude up there. I may try and talk her into working at a bikini bar, or something like that. I haven't been to the club much because the last time I was there I took a peak in the lap dance area, and she was giving a lap dance, and the guy had his hands all over her t***. Hate this about the club. Plus the club caters to some professional athletes, and they buy the girls lots of alcohol, (My GF likes to drink) I pretty sure they are trying to get the girls to go home with them.

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