while my gf was out one day, her

while my gf was out one day, her bestfriend asked me what does c** taste like. I asked if she wanted to try. and she kneel down and started the works. I blew my load in her mouth and 30 mins later, she asked what would it feel like if I came inside her........not long after that my gf arrived back home. Phew!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • you are an a****** for cheating on your girlfriend. This is why I don't leave my friends alone with my man!

  • Well obviously you don't give a damn about your girl.

  • Way to go man there's nothing like a quick b****** before the gf comes home next time show her how it feels when you c** inside her just don't get caught!

  • That's what I want,,

  • WOW.. that was totally WRONG.. i hope she find out too.. and i hope you feel bad.. cause dude.. girls do find these things out.. we have our ways..

  • free bj, kay*

  • you wont have a girlfriend for long women find out everything I hope she kicks your ass when she does a******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you are an ass. your d*** is going to fall off!

  • hahaha go son.
    now show her what it's like on her face

  • jeeze. dont get noone preggo.
    cost more than a new turbz.

  • That's the spirit! Be confident, Be brave...And you'll get things that you've sometimes dream of

  • Champion!

  • like warm apple pie...

  • Theesome

  • She has hepatitis.. I hope you wore a raincoat..

  • your a champ...tell her next tim eyoull show her how it feels in her ass

  • 10/10 :D

  • Nice work haha

  • Too bad your GF arrived home haha. Wish my girls BF would wonder the same thing ;)

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