I let her do me

I posted early that my girlfriend wanted to f*** me in the ass, and wasn’t sure if I should let her. When I f***** her in the ass it was a lot of fun! I decided to let her do it to me. I prepared myself by making sure I was pretty cleaned out, even squirted some water up there. She had gone to an adult emporium to buy lube, and a strap-on. I also told her I wanted her to tie me down, so I wouldn’t chicken out.
Well when she got home, I should known something was up, she didn’t show me the strap-on. She tied my hands, and legs. She begins squirting the lube on my a******, damn its cold, she begins working her finger in, I definitely jumped a little, She tells me to relax. She gets one finger in and starts working it back and forth, then another finger, took me awhile to relax, kept up with lube, and finally told her I think I am ready. She goes into the bathroom to change, walks out nude , with the strap-on in place, I look at the strap-on, I tell myself, that’s kinda big for a first time. I think she can tell I am apprehensive. She tells me, “Don’t worry I will be gentle.” Riiiight.
She lubes up my ass again and the strap-on, she gets behind me and slowly pushes it in. I will admit it was a little painful, why did I let her tie me down, F***! She gets it in enough to move back and forth, I keep telling myself to relax, she uses more lube, damn I need a case of the stuff. I finally relax enough and she sorta lays on me. Then a switch goes off in her head, She starts jack-hammering my ass, full force in and out. I feel like I may pass out. She stats saying all kinds of vile stuff, “ You like that little sissy-boy, bet you wish this was a real c*** going up your ass!. “ You are my b**** now, take it mother-f*****.” Well my c*** was rubbing against our satin sheets, so that feels real good. I shout out “I am c******!”, since I am laying on my belly, the c** shoots all over my front. Thank god, she is done, She pulls it out, and my a****** is throbbing. I tell her, “Okay, untie me I need to clean up. She says, “NO!” She goes over gets her phone and takes a picture of me lying there. She goes gets in the shower, and leaves me there lying in my own c**. She finally comes back after showering for about 10 minutes and says, “I will let you f*** me, but if you want my ass, we have to do this to you also.” I am thinking about it.

Feb 27, 2012

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  • Good story, I'm hard as a rock

  • Great man! Bet it was one of your best o****** ever? Guess you'll be wanting to do her a*** at least 3 times a week now, great excuse for her to ram you again and again.

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