Vivid Dream

I had a dream that my wife had s** with another man. In the dream, we are at a hotel, and I wake up to see a man sitting on the opposite bed with my wife naked, and kneeling between his legs. Her head is bobbing up and down, and I can hear slurping noises, though I can’t see what she is doing, obviously she is sucking his d***. The man lets out a grunt, and my wife after a few seconds, gets up turns towards me. I can see c** dripping from her chin, and she then for some reason runs into the bathroom. That is all I can remember from the dream, but it was so vivid. I can’t seem to get it out of my head. My wife tried to kiss me that morning, and I sorta pulled away. Is this normal? Do most men dream, or fantasize about other men having s** with their wives, or girlfriends?

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  • I would LOVE to watch my wife give another guy head.

  • It's time to hire a private d*** to keep an eye on her. Make sure you put spyware on your computer too.

  • I am not sure why I would have to do all that. It was only a dream, it was not real.

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