Sons girlfriend

I f***** my sons college girlfriend. I am 47, she is 19. Can’t even begin to explain how it happened. But it was F****** AWESOME!!! She was so hot and tight in all the right places!! She sucked my c*** like a pro. And her p**** is perfectly shaven. I came HARDER then I have ever c**!!! And my wife is no slouch. She has made me c** hard MANY TIMES!!! Before she left, she looked at me and said, can’t wait for family holidays and winked. The next day they stopped by the house and I couldn’t even look at her without my c*** starting to throb!!!

Sep 30, 2018

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  • Make sure you eat that sweet ass, do everything to her

  • That feels sooooooo good, isn’t it. First of all to be on safer side you must tape everything.

    Here is some free f****** advice might help. I want you to tie her hands on the bed, consider yourself to be a monster and she is your bait. Suck all the juice from her crotch. When you go extremely hard with your rod.. BANG her brutally. Enjoy her screem enjoy her moaning just dont stop let her be in pain. Eat her even if your son comes in between kill him. She must not left your bed room, she must not escape. She is suppose to be railed by you. NO MERCY please teach her what you are made up off. Fuckk her

  • I won’t blame you for what you did .You are really lucky that your old age life turned so beautiful. If i were you i would kept on licking her cunny and kept on swallowing it.

  • Lol me too mmmmm 19 year old p**** yes please I would have licked every inch of her body.

  • No doubt about it.

  • Once you had a woman half your wife’s age it will never be as good with your wife you. Will l*** after the younger woman in the bed.

  • I do find myself looking at other younger girls and wondering if I could get them in bed. I mean I have always done that, but I find myself doing it a lot more and with more seriousness now.

  • Yes I agree it’s amazing what a young women’s body can do to a older married man. Driving him crazy for just a taste.

  • I do that all the time I had a 20 year and now find my self looking at my daughters friends.

  • So you cheated on your wife and betrayed your son. I hope you're proud of yourself. A_sshole

  • For that piece of ass that I YEAH, I am!!! FVCK YOU!!!!

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