Tired of having Zero Friends

I am turning eighteen very soon. I dropped out of school because I was constantly being harassed , due to my past decisions. It really hurts to know that I have no friends. I dropped out of school months ago. I never leave the house. I live in Ohio. And really, It really wears me down to know I have no one to fall back on when I need it. How can I make friends? Am I hopeless? Im just tired of being depressed. Please someone out their, Help me :/

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  • Ill be your friend(: I don't live close to you but friendships don't revolve around location.

  • You are not hopeless. Go and get your GED and enroll in some classes at your local community college. You can meet people anywhere, just have to put yourself out there. Leave the house! Too easy to get depressed and out of shape if you're not proactive about living. Join a gym or hiking club and get some exercise! Take little steps..Volunteer, get a job, take class, join meetup.com, look for friends under platonic section of craigslist (but be really careful). Be prepared to put out a lot of effort. People are busy and you just have be a little persistent sometimes. It will happen for you.

  • Try Omegle. Random chat with strangers, though most are pervs, some people CAN be awesome.

  • What about making friends online at various websites that interest you ? Discussion forums particularly ? I've made great friends that way...and yes, have met them in real life too.

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