Sister in law

I want to have s** with my sister in law so so bad. I have had a crush on her for ever. She like to tease me all the time with her big b**** and always has a hot thong on. She let me see her b**** a few times. Must say big b**** run well in the family my wife has big b**** her Mom does also. Iseen the whole familys b**** at one time or another. Beth I want you so bad in bed I hope we can work something out.

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  • I want my sister in law bad! The other day she was folding laundry and made a big show of pulling her thong underwear out of the laundry basket. She just looked at me and smiled.

  • Damn this is crazy. Your brother would hate you.

  • Do as i did to my sister in laws . doped them up and enjoyed myself took pictures of us in bed naked than used pictures to blackmail them into having s** with me. Did a threeway with me. I showed pictures to susans son dan . he cryed as i made him do his own momma but he cam inside her. Hope shes pregnant .

  • Only thing worse than a troll, is an illiterate troll.

  • In your dreams.

    - Beth

  • hehehe brilliantly funny!

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