I want to be like the other girls

All the girls at my school are pretty and have big b**** and hot bodies. 3 of them are my best friends. They all treat me like I'm beautiful and like them but the other one a f****** b**** to me sometimes. I have Smaller b**** and she makes fun of me for it. When I talk to her and ask her to stop she yells at me and says "I DON'T DO THAT" and she tells me to stop freaking out. It makes me want to cry I just want her to like me. She thinks she's cool cause of her butt. But she has acne and I don't....so it will be okay. Someone please give me advice I really need it.

Jan 29, 2012

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  • Is this you allee? If not sorry my friend has the same problem...

  • think of it this way when they get older like 70 or something they won't be able to move cuz they'll be dragging

  • I used to be an ironing board at school but now I have 36 J b**** and I HATE THEM!!!!! Plus slim and (no offence) flat, is the in thing with models. I think slimmer people can wear more clothes to.
    Don't forget thought, you're brilliant as you already are. Don't change for one silly girl

    Dyinginside - 20yrs old

  • It doesn't matter what size your b**** are. girls are mean that's all we are. most people only do it because they hate what they look like and are jealous of you. don't be bothered by it. :)

  • Let me tell ya grrl. It's my experience that guys whi go for the big b**** are shallow and weak. I love my wifes little boobies. Forget those girls who put you down. Wear your body with pride. Stick your chest out and keep your head up. Trust me, its how you carry yourself that matters. The way to attract a quality caring guy is to be confident with who you are and the goods you have to offer. Smell good, look good, keep your words few and your mind fresh.
    Do you want a guy who loves you for your b**** or loves you for who you are? Those put-down b****** will end up three times divorced when their b**** stop being atractive to the bimbo guys.
    Am I making my point? This is YOUR time to shine. Confidence is the key. Wear your smile well and act like a lady.... because YOU ARE a LADY and you matter.

  • girls who act like that are shallow. you don't have to have big breast.and there will be tons of people who won't like you. thats how it goes. ignore her.
    p.s. I anm cupd and I would really prefer a smaller cup!

  • Ignore the b****. I'd rather be with a girl with brains and small b**** than with a dumb ass with large t***. Don't try to be like everybody else. Be yourself and be happy with what you have. :)

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