Me and my cousin

When i was 7 my cousin was 10 and we were kissing and the next year i came to see him i gave him a b******* and we still kiss and finger each other like we are in love but its like every time we touch or kiss i get this feeling that i have with nobody else. he is just different from other people its wierd and we both like it. i have only told 2 people. but i have to trust them enough.

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  • So F*** him, you know you both want to.
    I f***** my cousin the first time at 13, and we still f*** twenty years later whhen we get a chance.
    The naughtiness of it only doubles the thrill and excitement of it.
    Many will say it isn't right, butyou are a girl and he is a boy and s** between the two is part of nature.
    If we were suppose to not s**** anyone then why were our parts made to work together with anyone we chose ?
    My only advice is....Don't tell anyone that part of what you do. People are made to spread secrets.

  • It is not normal or healthy seek out professional help pronto.

  • Awhhh that's kindda crazy but. Love is love.

  • dam..... datz ust deep n sexy.... atleast u let urself do it so dont feel guilty

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