Never kissed Never had a bf Im 14

Ok so i am 14 and i have never kissed anyone and i have never had a bf... is this normal. When i was in Junior High its not that i never had the opportunity to have a bf its just that all the people who asked me out i didnt like anymore than a friend. Once a boy named Nick asked me out and i said yes but i broke up with him like 4 days later because i felt awkward and the weird thing is once we broke up and he went out with other people and i got jealous..?

Anyways i have never had my first kiss either, (Unless you count neighbors when we were like 4..). Im in high school now and most of my friends have had bfs or their first kiss but others haven't and they are the people who i could never picture having one. But a lot of kids at my school are scum bags who smoke pot and are "more experienced" than me (like have had s** and stuff). And i'm not looking for all that. their are a lot of people who have had their first kiss and haven't but i feel weird about it and stuff.

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  • It's totally normal and smart.

  • No it's not weird in fact be greatful your first kiss hasn't come yet, it gives you a chance to still be smart about who you want to your first kiss. I'm only a year older than you, & i've had my first kiss. I regret it so much, oh my gosh I wish I could take it back. Lol it was with this very weird boy in 7th grade, & we are in highschool now & he never grew. In fact i'm taller than him. Lol anyways, i think it's perfectly normal that you haven't, & with that one guy that you said you broke up with, & then got jealous because he had other girls, i don't think you were jealous really of him, more of the feeling of wanting somone to be with already. I think you're better off waiting for someone you really want to be with, rather thsn rush into it & regret it later...

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