Im in love with my older sister

I am in love with my older sister she is a great and careing woman she is a widow i have helped her around her house fixing thing so have been spending lots of time with her she gave me a kiss other day to say thank you now all i think about is being with her a want to be the man in her life now i want love her kiss her hold her and make love to her but dont know how to tell her i love her more then a sister

Mar 30

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  • How big are your sister's t***?

  • Don't listen to that p**** he does it to everyone

  • Calling people sick lol and you who wanted to sleep with his 13 year old student sick c***

  • She already gave you the clue!- do you want god to talk to you to get it

  • Thank you for your advice i will tell her how i fell i think she needs a man in her life i think i could be thast for her she has said she fells more like a woman again

  • Just tell her

  • Yes your right will tell her thank you for your advise

  • Maybe try spending time with her and see where it goes. Maybe a few dates?

  • Lady b**** you sick f***
You went into her room lady b****! You raped your sister and you know it. You saw the tears running down her face and kept on going. You heard her sobbing and that did not stop you from raping her. You ripped her heart out! So know you keep trying to convince yourself that everything all right by writing these sick stories. But it isn't! You are on the edge of suicide and your sister is now insane! You are a sick pedophilic who raped your underaged sister and you know that! F*** off rapist I hope you get caught and your b**** cut off and shoved right down your throat!

  • Thank you thats agreat idea

  • Just be straight up blunt. If she’s down she’ll be curious. If not just be like yea idk I was thinking

  • Tienes razón estás enferma

  • I think your right will just tell her how i feel

  • Here's to hoping she punches you square right in you mouth! Then she tells everyone just how sick you are!

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