My girlfriend and I went to a party with about 100 other people. There was lots of drinking, men and women getting drunk, and exposing themselves. My girlfriend even showed her t***. She tends to not handle her alcohol well, and she quickly gets wasted. I took her upstairs to one of the rooms to sleep it off, went down to enjoy the party. A couple of hours later I went to check on her, she was completely naked, her panties, bra, and dress were on the floor. She had her legs hanging over the bed, someone had f***** her, c** was running out of her p****. I went over to her to wake her, and she mumbled something like f*** me again. So did someone rape her, or did she let some other guy f*** her? Did she think it was me? I dressed her and took her home, she got up the next morning, doesn't remember anything. I guess what I am confessing is I didn't tell her what I saw, and don't if I will.

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  • Wow. She needs to know. What if whoever had s** with her gave her an STD or got her pregnant? If you care about her, you need to find a way to tell her. H***, if you're a decent human being at all you need to tell her.

  • Yea dude, she was raped you d*******. And the reason it happened, was because you left her drunk in a room at a party! So basically its your fault... and that's why your scared to tell her.

  • Get her drunk again at another party than tell everyone shes passed out cold. make it easy for them pull her pantys off and bend over bed. We do this to any young girl thats there drunk and no thier ages dont matter .

  • You should tell her, because it may stir something even hotter inside her and inside your relationship. She may have a dark, kinky, wild, nasty side that she's been afraid to expose, and knowing that she's already shown it may encourage even more heated sexuality. There's no telling where this might lead. Don't let an opportunity like this slip through your fingers. Good luck!!!

  • Not sure how this is an opportunity. Some a****** took advantage of my girlfriend, and f***** her. I believe she thought it was me f****** her, she was so drunk she couldn't tell. I feel guilty leaving her alone passed out. We were at someones house we didn't really know that well. There were some real f*** heads at the party hitting on all the women, whether they had boyfriends or not. I am sure it was one of these pencil d**** that f***** her.

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