Women Always Talk To My **

I get tired of women checking out my ** when I talk to them. WTF? I have to say, "Hello, I'm up here!" to get their pervy eyes off my package. One woman's excuse was "But you're so big I couldn't help myself." I said, "You have big ta tas, but you don't see my respectful eyes locked on them like your eyes are locked on my **. She blushed and walked away. But, WTF, why do women do this? And God forbid if I wear a bathing suit. When I do I get eye ** every step I take. It's embarrassing and ** me off. WTF? Why do women have to be such freakin perverts?

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  • Cut us some slack. This "confession" is **.

  • I visited a female friend in the hospital (we also used to date), and, as I'm standing alongside her bed, talking to her, notice her admittedly gorgeous blue eyes go right to my **. It was very direct and blatant. She was eyeing up my package through my jeans. I didn't say anything about it, but, did see her do it again. She's a great-looking woman, and, I often eyed her up myself, so, guess turnabout is fair play.

  • you guys sound silly.

  • Look how no women are butting in to say we're wrong, which as you surely know is unnatural for a woman. They never shut their mouths. The reason they are uncharacteristically quiet is they know they are guilty as charged. Otherwise, they'd be here arguing like freakin' banshees, and throwing their trademark hissy fits.

    - Mark

  • Ever notice how women do this ** too. You'll be having a non-sexual conversation with them and sooner or later, probably sooner, they turn the subject into ** talk. It's insulting. They treat us like sexual commodities they can verbally abuse with their not so subtle sexual innuendos. And, man o man, I ** hate it when they rub their ** against your arm or find some excuse to hug you and mash them into your chest. I don't rub my ** over their bodies. Why do they do that ** with their **? If I did that ** with my **, I'd probably get arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, seeing how it's so big.

  • Well say..

  • Thats a first guys complaining about women staring. i like it i mess with them by wagging my ** in some loose sweat pants and i watch their eyes then i embaress them by catching them. the only time i didnt like it is whenn an old woman was trying to cop a feel in wallmart. creepy

  • You should have given it up because:

    1. You would have been doing a public service by making that old babe's millennium.

    2. She might have taught you some tricks.

    3. She might have had some hot daughters and granddaughters just as aggressive as her and easier on the eyes, and with humongous **, and with heart-shaped **.

    4. She might have been a beast in bed and rocked your world six ways to Sunday.

    5. ** is ** and a player always goes for the big score. Life is short, grab all the ** you can before all you have left are memories and a ** that doesn't rise to the occasion like in the good old days.

  • I wouda hit it.

    - Erin

  • Right on! Those ** always blame us for staring at their **, but they are worse because they are more sneaky about staring at our bodies. I caught an old lady staring at my ** the other day. **! Don't these hornball women ever get over their **? I hate that **. These ** only have one thing on their mind, and it ain't baking cookies.

  • yeah! them dam pigs need to stop ** us with their slutty eyes...thank you!

  • I hear that. I have the same problem. Women are such pigs, always trying to check out your bulge as if it were chocolate candy for free. I hate that **. It makes me feel like a male **. I have had the same problem at the beach. You wear an innocent speedo and **! their eyes are all over your captive **. If I wasn't a gentleman, I would just whip it out and say okay you wanna look here it is now ** off you female pervert!

    P.S ** -- Men are more than their body parts!

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