Why do girls always stare down there?

I'm 18. I'm to put it delicately big down there. Problem is girls are always staring at my stuff. I even caught my older sister doing it. She said you really should not wear tight pants. I will wear whatever I like. At first all the looking was cool. I felt like a big man in more ways than one. Now I hate it. I will be talking to a girl and sooner or later I see her eyes go south and glaze over. I have to say something like hello! I'm up here to get her eyes off my stuff. Why are girls so rude and so staring. I don't get my eyes all over their goods. I am a gentleman. Why can't those girls be ladies and stop eye raping me? I hate that crap!

Nov 16, 2012

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  • They still cant admit they do it lol

  • Ha ha to the end they defend their species !

  • Oh god, you're one of the "nice guys" aren't you?
    "All women look at me because i have a big d***, oh woes' me!"
    We all know that if that were true, you would love the attention. Pathetic how people need to make up lies about themselves to get an ego boost.

  • Facts

  • Lol you tell this dude!!!

  • Yeah. Usually it's chicks "moaning" about their huge t*** or posting selfies in heavy makeup begging for approval. It's bad enough when dumb girls do it, but in our brave new world the boys are being just as insecure and starved for random validation. That's not progress, that's pathetic.

  • Indeed. Not surprisingly, it took only a brief amount of time before it got too DEEEP in there to breathe. Fabrication & fantasy again.

  • Sounds like you have watched the male bulge many times before with that amount of insight ..

  • I agree. It's a new angle now, portraying oneself as a victim in order to make it plausible however the concept still fails at credibility.

  • Just as much a victim as you are when you complain about a guy staring at your chest next time :)

  • Maybe the word is out and now you're a novelty

  • F*****.

  • Well I wouldn't stare at your junk if I saw you, I'd rather stare at a rainbow:)

  • Thats because you like women...

  • Hahaha

  • You a a real one whats your Facebook

  • Whatever yeah real problem

  • Its only a problem when it happens to a female , otherwise its a man flattering himself ;)

  • I've always had that problem and mine was even worse. I stayed h**** all the time. Between my legs it always seemed like a huge cucumber lived there. Once I met a girl that I was really compatible with. Because she stayed h**** all the time too. We started having s**. Every time I entered her she was so tight and I was in so much pain I felt like I was going to die. I couldn't c** while in all that pain. She was so tiny I couldn't take it. I stayed so sore from all that rubbing against her p**** walls I could hardly walk. But she loved it. Every time we had s** it would take me about three hours or more to c**. She loved it and wanted it all the time. But she was killing me.

  • I understand completely. My junk is unusually large as well. Freakishly large. People stare all the time. In fact I'm 19 years old and only had intercourse once because most girls find my p**** to be too much for them to handle. Im not bragging because this is depressing and a major social killer. My testicles are super sized as well and it can be an uncomfortable situation just trying to sit down. I have to constantly adjust the package and it's embarrassing. I've seen doctors about it and unfortunately their is nothing that can be done short of surgical castration.

  • Honestly, you should talk to some modest girls with naturally huge b******.. almost like a support group! Guys are ALWAYS looking at the breats, not the face! It's so annoying. Just like you say. Hellooo, my face is up here bro! My 24 year old friend gets the worst of it. She's a bit heavier, and has natural DD cups. It's annoying to deal with. I feel ya brah :\

  • Maybe your s*** is swinging so far to the left, they can tell you sure do get a lot of "action" ... from your hand. LOL. Just kidding. I'm a young girl, and I try really hard not to even look the tiniest bit down when near a guy since I'm really short and it's harder for me to NOT look even though I never want to in the first place haha ... But idk, you must be around a lot of hormonal girls. Well, unless your s*** really is hanging out like a tramp :L

  • I have a question

  • I got work out with this girl she stretches my body for me she dose it all for me i dont have to do anything she moves my body for me for an hour do anyways when i wear tight leggings and my bulge showes and she's always keeps looking at it idk why but she dose but when she starts working out my legs with her hand she goes uo my legs and back down my leg then she goes back up my leg and her hand went rite on my bulge i mean she could of went around it but she didn't she just went rite on it what dose this mean i don't understand please someone tell me so i will no lol

  • And i can't help it's showing it's because of my leggings im not doing it on purpose

  • Its because youre letting it show! and because its not normal i guess and people are going to keep looking unless you wear looser clothess. ewww if i saw that i would not want to talk to you i'd think youre showing off or dont care to cover up or something. thats like a girl with huge b**** wearing a really low shirt and wondering why everyone keeps lookingg. when you have something like that youhave to do more to cover itt. im a girl and eww i dont like when guys have big ones if they did i wouldnt do anything with themm. they would be friendzoned!

  • Yeah...sure

  • Sound like a d*** to me

  • Maybe you're a ventriloquist without even realizing it! You could be throwing your voice down to your crotch, and women are naturally going to look in the direction of your voice!
    Question: Do you find its easier for people to hear you when you have your pants off? Does your voice sound less muffled?
    See? That's probably the answer! (Don't thank me buddy - its just the kind of nice-guy-problem-solver type guy I am)

  • Genius. ..lmao

  • It's because you're a stud and you don't even know it. Quit whining and open that door opportunities are knocking on. They want it. You want it. Close the deal. Bang the b****. You can borrow this line from me. It has never been know to fail and women love the direct approach. "Hi, my name is Harry. You probably already know your name. Let's f***." That's it, Man. Short, sweet and to the point and women love that bold honesty. Try it and become the c*** of the walk and quit being a p****.

  • Wow, a guy has a d*** other guys would probably envy ? That women can't help but stare at ? And you're actually f****** COMPLAINING about it ? If women don't want their t*** stared at, they don't wear tight shirts and push-up bras. So either baggy up your pants or shut the f*** up and stop whining like you have a tiny d***.

  • Um, you sound hot. Do you go out with guys?

  • I think it's because you're wearing tight pants and of course someone is going to look if your junk it bulging out. I think you need to stop flattering yourself and start wearing normal pants.

  • Get a life moron!! the j****** is complaining! pfft. loser

  • Pfft? what kind of girly s*** is that, dickbreath, or was that the sound of you sucking donkey d****, speaking of jackasses, like you.

  • Well, don't you have a dirty mouth. And I am a 15 y/o girl and I'm not interested in the looks of a guy I'm interested in their personality. And trust me -original poster- I get it, but guys look at my chest instead and it gets annoying. ALL THE TIME. I'm Danielle by the way

  • U brat!

  • Why thank you. :)

  • They do it because girls are pigs who always have s** on their minds. You have a simple, friendly conversation with them and they always try to sneak some s** into it. Worst is they don't understand the word no. You have to ask them which part of no don't they understand. And if a guy gives in, they tell everybody they had him and the guy gets a reputation as being a male s***. So don't let them get beyond the looking part or they will steal your virginity and ruin your reputation. I know. Been there.

  • Girls like to look at hard d**** like guys Iike to look at p****. It is in the DNA.

  • Geeze I'm a little offended. Maybe cause I'm not having s** before marriage. And I'm still a virgin. I'm Danielle - I commented above too-

  • Stay a virgin and don't yield to peer pressure.

  • Are you frickin' serious ? Nice parody.

  • How do you roll your eyes on a message?

  • *rolls eyes* ?

  • I do this all the time. It's like I have radar when a guy with a bulge in his pants is anywhere near me. I have even developed a sneaky way of looking. I pretend I'm looking at something else when all the time I'm sneaking a peak at the guy's delicious bulge and wondering what it looks like without all those clothes between me and it. Not all women are like this, but I am.

  • Most girls are experts at that. We men will stare while girls will give a casual look that goes undetected

  • I don't have many girls looking at my crotch, but when they do wow! I love it. I pretend I don't notice them doing it but it makes me so h****. Just thinking about the girls who have done this gets me going. I love it!

  • I think it is because our eyes are naturally drawn to things which we know we shouldn't be looking at. It's a bit like when someone says, "Don't look now, but..." and our curiosity compels us to look. Though the attention may be irritating, their looking is a compliment, especially if they get that glassy look in their eyes. It probably means that they're imagining that area nude. Either that, or you've got a weirdly shaped d*** that they can't stop staring at. But it's probably the former.

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