This is probably really gross and unhygienic, but I LOVE the smell of menstrual blood. I love how strong and metallic it is. When I'm on my period, I always smell my panties and used tampons.

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  • Oh my God, do the same thing! I dunno why ahah.

  • its okay i think? i mean i like the smeel of paint Lol but seriously dnt tel anybody becuz those guys tht like it arent the type who youd like to like tht about u thier probably fat and very gross.

  • I'm with the first guy. I really love the mess.

  • hhmm well each to their own i guess...but i have heard som guys like it because it's the most feminien a girl can ever be

  • Believe it or not, there are actually men (I know because I'm one) who love to have s** with a woman on her period, and even (occasionally) go down on her (carefully), so don't feel bad about it: it's not unusual, and it can be kind of sexy.

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