I have fallen off of the path. I miss going to church, I miss being loved, I miss being who I used to be. I gave it all away because of my addictions. I am addicted to video games, p**********, and masturbation. I've tried everything to quit, but I can't. I've prayed about it and I can last a week without them, but I just end up giving in again. Help me.

Mar 16, 2012

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  • Try EFT tapping. It is very powerful with addictions. google or youtube it. It sounds a bit mad but actually it helps so many people and even scientific studies now showing its benefits. Good luck & don't give up. Learning to truly love and accept yourself is usually the key to all self destructive behaviours.

  • Me too but no video games. I still go to church but often think of quitting becuase I feel like I don't belong there. Desire is powerful, loneliness and depression have made it worse. I always wanted to get married it never happened.

  • The prob is u have 2 much free time on your hands. Try filling your day. With more constructive pastimes n soon u won't have time to do the things u trying 2 get away from.

  • Sometimes you need to go through things to discover things about you, go talk to a shrink

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