Rehab Blues

I'm in a long distance relationship. I usually wouldn't be, but I love this guy very much and want a future with him. Things aren't so great with me right now financially, but I'm working on it and hoping we can move in together someday, or that I can at least be a lot closer. If it weren't for being broke I'd go visit him right now.

The past 3 months of our relationship have been crazy. He's an alcoholic and loves meth. He's also bipolar and wasn't taking meds for a while 'til recently. He's dumped me twice over stupid things then gotten back together with me a minute later . We've gotten into so many fights because of his paranoia and stuff. He hasn't been super terrible though, but he's still hurt me a lot, and he always apologizes and hates that he does this.

But I know he's a good person. We were friends before getting together and I love him for who he really is. I hate the bad stuff about him, but I accept it, understand he's got issues, and am willing to work things out with him.

Anyways, the other day was really bad. He was super drunk the whole day and said some really horrible, hurtful things to me. I was very close to leaving. I can only tolerate so much. But chose not to end the relationship and give him one last chance.

He told me he's going to rehab because he doesn't wanna keep being this way. I support him 100%, but at the same time I feel sad because we talk every day, and I won't get to talk to him much while he's there, and I worry about dumb things like what if because we don't talk he loses feelings for me, or decides he doesn't wanna be with me? What if he meets someone there and they click because they have recovering from addiction in common?

I want him happy. I want him healthy. I want him to live. I'm proud he's decided to do this for himself. So if my fears come true I want the best for him, but it'll hurt like h***.

I dunno...I'm being stupid.

Mar 16, 2012

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  • If he meets someone in rehab that would be the VERY best for you!!!

    Do NOT commit your self to anyone who is addicted to any drug!

    Cannot do anything but lead to trouble and heartache for a lifetime!!

    This is your way out! Take it!!!!!!

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