I screwed up

I was so much in love during my high school that my once A+ grades transformed into Ds and Es and i scored real badly and got into college to pursue something that I love only cuz my dad is ready to spend half his earnings on me. i wish I'd studied well and got top marks cuz I am capable of that - and by now i could have reached heights.. and I wouldnt have felt lost and small and full of regrets.
I wish I'd listened to mom and dad and kept my stupid boyfriend out of my way. :( :( Damn

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  • I have never really screwed up but you would think i had looking at my life from across the road. i always played it safe most times. i was expecting some serious dividends as return investments and ceo position with super wage for the heart ache. i feel my heart has earnt it and more. the problem is they don't know what they are looking at from their blinkers on.

  • well s**** ur boy friend and get back to school and earn a living. if ur capable of A grades then GET THEM

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