Gentleman's Curse

I'm noticing other women. Not meaning to, not staring, just noticing.

Last night a classmate came over and hung out at my place with some friends, lets call her C. I knew C was into me and confronted her about it after everyone left, politely but directly. I said exactly how I felt - I love my girlfriend (first college gf, of 6 months, lets call her L) but I think it may not be working out. L is super clingy, which is understandable - I am her first everything and firsts are huge. But sometimes I feel L wants something else. L and I have also seen each other through some fairly rough things already in each other's family lives.

C responded that she had feelings for me, but that she wasn't comfortable with doing anything wrong. I grew up in a VERY catholic (and by that I mean my dad is a preacher) household, so neither was I. We didn't touch, we just talked about it. She ended up staying until 6am when it was light out - I didn't want her to walk back alone, but I'm really sick and we both didn't feel comfortable having her sleep in my bed (I would have taken the floor). I enjoyed the honesty and being able to say how I felt, and then we parted ways. Even so, I have confused feelings about L and C now, and I think C wants to see me again after spring break.

I feel like a j****** for enjoying last night so much. I like C. Feels good to write it out. L and C are both sharp, have attractive, warm personalities, and like video games and cooking. They're beautiful, inside and out. I'm trying to handle the situation like a gentleman, but I don't know if I trust myself around C.



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  • I appreciate the advice but I'm not sure what you mean - I'm not fooling around with anyone's hearts...I just asked if this girl's friendship was only that and it turned out it wasn't. Also my upbringing actually does mean something to me and I do want to get married, but not until I'm out of college which won't be for another couple years.

  • if youre not old enough to legaly put a ring on her finger , stop fooling with dating and girls hearts .

    really , that is tho only if your catholic upbringing actualy means squat to you .

    if youre an average joe , stay with the gf , have the wannabe gf on the side .. every politician does it , cant all be wrong , wait the country is going to h*** , maybe .. whatever ..

    if you care for either girl really , put a ring on her finger , forget th eother one .

    or become mormon andmarry em both , and their sisters too

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