I dont have choice to choose my career

I am 16 now and I wanted my self to choose a career cuz after 4 years i would be all on myself...so i decided that day to become an ARCHITECT and graduate from one of the best architect institutions of USA... After a while my mom told me not to be an architect becuz that is not a valueable career option nd told me to be a f****** engineer cuz everyone in our country has a s******* craze to be an engineer
I told her that i didnt wanted to...

But she didnt trusted me...after a while she told my dad about it and the things started becoming worse...and not only dad but every f****** one in our family...everyone scolded me and just broke my confidence and passion

My dad then beat me for that(like very badly) i was like soo fuking angry on him i just wanted to kill him but...

You know now what i am...😓😓😭😭

Oct 31, 2020

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  • Lay low for two years and then when you're a legal adult, flee. Find a legal and moral means of earning an income in the meantime and focus on your studies. You need to go far, far away. Your family are abusive, controlling, possibly your parents are narcissists or worse.

    Be careful.

  • If you are a boy then you should make your own decision. If you are a girl then your parents should make the decision on your behalf.

  • Stfu doesn't matter if they're a boy or a girl they should pick thier own future

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