Im 12 and i know that people say that love doesnt exist for kids my age but i really did like this boy named john. he not the cutest but hes super nice and funny. for the past 6 years, my family and his family and a bunch of other families go camping every year.its super fun. except last year his family didnt come. they had other plans. but heres the thing , i missed him not coming! i really did like him...but last week i stoped likeing him. thats what all my friends think but i still have feelinngs for him. it was so awckward caue he knows i liked him cause my used to be friends told him. i was p***** at them. now i found out from my friends today that he likes me and he has for a while!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew he did but i feel like crying idk why though!!!!!! i think i like him again and i think he might ask me out what should i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I've been out of school sick for 2 days. I miss him. I always do. My grade plays this annoying game. It's truth or dare but u have to dare someone to ask out another person that u dared to say yes to the next question!! My friends dared him to ask 1.2.3. Of my friends and he said no to all of them.hen they said my name he said yes. I'm learning this from my friend. We have to go out for a week but told my friends to dare him do do it for a month!!!!!! When my friend texted me tht he is asking me out on Monday my heart litterly stoped!!!!!!!
    I think I lve him and he has the cutest haircut an I love and miss him!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!!

  • but i think he might ask me out over the summer but if i break up with him or he breaks up with me, then its goodbye friendship. But my friends say that is ovouise and we would look cute together!

  • dont worry about what might happen,if he ask you out and you like him go out with never know he could be your soul mate

  • go for it,what do u have to lose ?

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