I need someone to help me! Please..

I need someone to seriously help me overcome my bulimia. I've gone from 135lbs to 117lbs and I'm 5'6". I'm getting extremely sick and I seriously just need someone to get me through this, to give me motivation! I'm a 16 year old girl. I can do email or text or anything I just need help..

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  • Yes, seek help. They will help you change your behavior and eating patterns. You can overcome this, you are not alone.

  • You need to speak with a councillor or professional. I overcame anorexia, but it took a lot of work... And it never seems to cpmletely go away. You just learn to control it.
    The throwing up is throwing all your electrolites off (like in Gatorade or childrens Pedialite) So make sure to try to keep some of those in your system.
    The acid from your stomach WILL eat away your teeth, so keep on top of brushing.
    Please, talk to someone NOT ON THIS SITE. Its a hard road to walk alone. Trust me.

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