Fantasising about my older Uni lecturer

I think my older University lecturer is incredibly attractive. I'm not sure how old he is, but he must be at least 25 years older than me (that's being optimistic as well).

I'm in my final year of my degree and it's one of the few crushes I've ever indulged because whenever he gave lectures, it was safe for me to stare at him the entire hour! and nobody could question me about it. The only reason I make sure to go in to uni every day (even though I don't need to cause I don't have classes) is so I can get a glimpse of him if he's there. I find myself fantasising about situations which could involve the two of us getting close...and I also have sexual fantasies about him.

I'm 22 years old; never had a boyfriend - the few times that I have been asked out by guys closer to my age...they've never made me think about them in that way. I know that I'll never get close to him in that way...but sometimes I wish the world wasn't the way it was and it was okay for me to pursue something further with him.

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  • Thanks for your comment and for cheering me on. I know most people tend to frown on older men with younger women, but sometimes I don't think they understand that it can be a real attraction sometimes!

    I'd never break up a marriage, but I'm not sure how I could show him I'm interested in him. I'd love to be able to turn up the heat, so then when I officially leave there's the opportunity for either one of us to do something, but at present I've never had the opportunity to actually have a conversation with him and all I can do is smile at him when I pass him in the hallway.

    Thanks again for your positive encouragement :)

  • Well how about you stop by his office sometime ? Go armed with some questions about the course he is giving ? He gives lectures right ? There must be some kind of questions you can come up with...

    Maybe that will lead to more general chatting....who knows ! :)

  • Hmmm, I've never had the courage to do so before and I'm not in any of his classes anymore - my friend once recommended talking to him about hockey...but I know nothing about hockey and so that idea ended really quickly.

    The encouragement is really persuasive and I guess ideas are contagious, I'm definitely going to give it a try! You only live once right? I'll have to figure something out and maybe get my friend to help me make up some excuse to go talk to him :D

    Thanks :)

  • Yes, you only live once...exactly right ! I sure wish I knew how things would go for you with him. I'm so curious. I hate how people can't have real profiles on this site. No way to really keep in contact with anyone.

  • Thanks :) I've really appreciated your feedback and support. I've also posted on experience project with the title "I fantasise about my much older uni lecturer" and replied to a comment as "faston77". You could try keeping track of my profile there as I would love to keep you updated on how things go and continue to get your feedback :)

  • Wow ! Awesome. I will check you out there. :)

    Best of luck.

  • Thanks so much again :) drop me a line here if you can't find me or on my profile there when you do :)

  • It IS okay for you to pursue something with him. But wait until you are not his student (in his class) anymore. Also, find out your school's policies about teachers having any kind of social contact (including sexual) with students. Many schools frown upon that.

    You could also wait until you are finished with school and not a student there anymore...which sounds like very soon ! Trust me...I bet he would absolutely LOVE your attentions. It would be completely flattering and turn him on A LOT from a woman so young to be thinking THAT way about HIM.

    Just make sure he's not married, first, before you turn up the heat ! But you should go for it, really !

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