Older men

So ever since I was around 12 I've had fantasies and attractions towards older men and women like 30+ ,currently I'm 16 so I'm legal now but still a virgin so I've never acted on any of these urges but I'm still super turned on by older men and I just don't know if it's weird or not cause it plays other parts in my fantasies like I enjoy pain and have bondage and rape fantasies of older men and they've gotten more intense with age.

Apr 25, 2013

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  • I know exactly what you mean!! I've only found one guy my own age satisfying and that's because he has am anger problem and is really rough and also has rape fantasies and I'm the only girl he's ever been able to release his aggresion on but it's been really good ;)

  • I am exactly the same as you! im also 16, from england and im really into older guys from about 19-45, sometimes older but not really often. the other day my friend asked me how old i would go and i was honest and she is the only person that i have told about my fantasy of being used, abused and possibly in a secret relationship a real man. i love father/daughter incest p***, rape and bondage and even severe BDSM. my bf is a few months younger than me and im going to leave him cos he is s*** as a bf and doesnt have the ability to satisfy me like a man could. any older guys reading this fit the bill??

  • You betcha

  • Good for you! I'm 50 and my girlfriend is 18. She loves to play Dad 'n Daughter in public while teasing and stroking me under the table. It makes us both so hot. We've been together since she was 15.

  • First of all, your attraction and fantasies are not weird and neither are you! it's normal for a young girl of 8 years and up to desire older men, I've been having young girls trying to initiate relationships and s** with me since I was in my thirties, am now in my fifties and still get girls as young as 7 years wanting to be my little girlfriend or just wanting to have sexual relations with me, believe me if it wasn't a crime I'd be satisfying their sexual desires and needs in a New York minute.... So it's all good and normal, nothing wrong with you or anybody else who has these normal healthy feelings and desires.

  • I dont think you will have a problem finding one of those guys here to help you with that

  • HAHA You are funny man because that's so true..!!

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